About – Nigel Kay

Key Associate – Comms Expert
Nigel Kay is an experienced communications professional who specialises in emergency planning and response.

Nigel Kay

A former senior editor at the BBC, Nigel Kay was responsible for coordinating the Corporation’s emergency broadcasting on local radio and regional television. For twelve years he devised and delivered emergency communications courses for the Cabinet Office’s Emergency Planning College. He now advises government agencies in the UK and the Middle East on strategies for warning and informing the public in emergencies.

Nigel’s courses include:

Preparing an emergency communications plan: advice on creating bespoke plans for both internal and external audiences.

Warning and Informing the public in emergencies:  working with the media and social media to ensure the safety and security of those people most at risk in an emergency.

Broadcast interviews and press conferences: preparation and delivery of key messages on radio and television.

Media skills training: 1-to-1 coaching or small group training covering interview preparation and presentation skills. The training includes practical on-camera exercises.